10.8 MINISTRY IS LIKE Mountain Biking – The Thrill

Alejandro Paz – zona de piedras Casta  http://youtu.be/1q3LV2yyzJg


When ministry goes bad, it hurts.  A wise leader once told me, “If you are never dissapointed while building disciples, you probably aren’t trying very hard.”  If the rider in the video would have made a wrong turn, it would have really hurt.  Yet, if he would have just stuck to a paved bike trail, he wouldn’t have had an incredible ride like this!  It’s obvious to infer that he IS trying hard.

Every now and then you can stand back and look at what is going on and marvel at how God is blessing.  I stumbled upon this video today, and immediately was impressed at how the driver maneuvered at a high speed.  If it looks like he is on roller coaster, that’s because it’s the same (or better) rush to experience flying down the side of a mountain after a long climb.  That is similar to ministry.  When you are in it for awhile, now and then it’s good to look at how God is using you, and stand back and marvel.

When I first started mountain biking, there was no way I would have taken on a descent like what is shown in the video.  However, now I would gladly strap on my helmet and try riding that hill from the video!  I’m more experienced, thus I can do more with decreased risk for injury since I know better how to avoid it.  I must still be careful, but I’m able to do greater things.  Those greater rides are a thrill!

Ministry is the same.  After being faithful in being a kingdom builder for years,  I get to be more involved with great kingdom building things after being faithful and getting better at it.  Just last week I was invited to participate in a mission trip into a closed muslim nation where proselytizing is illegale.  I don’t know if God is going to make this happen for me or now, but I’m excited at the prospect of it.   Ministry is a thrill!


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