My Reading Is Changing

If you would have asked me two years ago, I would have told you that the bulk of my reading happened on a computer.  Wow has that changed.  With the development of e-readers, and my personal enjoyment of technology, I currently barely touch my computer except for when I’m working.  
What happened?

  • Twitter Happened!  I follow people whom I think are interesting or at least intellectually stimulating.  If I follow you via my normal personal twitter account, the odds are high the I will at least check if not somewhat read through any links you post.  The back side of that is that I regularly stop following people with that account, if they aren’t producing something of interest (or aren’t a close personal friend).
  • iPhones Happened!  I am one of those people who wishes he didn’t buy the latest greatest technology, and often don’t.  However, as I don’t have a place to regularly write or work, I believe in being able to produce and communicate on the fly.  My iPhone is my primary modus operandus for engaging with twitter which leads to…
  • Read Later Happened!  Twitter articles that I link into sometimes are much larger than a quick 400 word speed read.  I’m busy and don’t have the chance to read it it all, but I can click a button and a software/app will automatically save it’s location for me for personal use later when I have time to do more reading on my…. 
  • iPads Happened!    I use Read Later, later, in my day or in the week.  It’s nice to snuggle up in bed later in the evening and instantly have interesting articles to read quick available at my fingertips.
  • YouVersion Bible Happened!  Best App Ever.  I love using it’s reading plans.  I even have my small group of 8th grade boys using the same app.  It’s a game changer for organization!

Of course there are other apps and technology things available as well.  But an amazing mix of hardware and software has helped caused me to read more than ever before.


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