NNYM requests directory

In an effort to strengthen our online communication we are going to focus on two areas. The first area is around networking and our four priorities and the second is to emphasise the NNYM Covenant Bonds.

We are looking for stories from youth workers or local networks who are involved with any or all of the following topics:

  1. HOW PRAYING TOGETHER has shaped or changed your local network.
  2. STRATEGIES that your local network used to reach and empower young people.
  3. TIPS TO BUILD RELATIONSHIPS in your local network.
  4. PERSONAL HOLINESS before God and others, which is established in Christ and expressed in daily life through prayer and commitment to the Word of God.
  5. AN EXEMPLARY HOME LIFE that is a source of renewal, and a godly model for others to follow.
  6. A LIFE OF DISCIPLESHIP which is reproducing an on-going chain of maturing believers.
  7. INVOLVEMENT IN EVANGELISM which helps expose every teenager to the gospel in a personal and culturally relevant way.
  9. A MINISTRY THAT IS A RESOURCE to other churches and organizations, cooperating for greater effectiveness in ministering to teenagers.

Our goal for 2012 is to have 3 posts per week that cover the topics above and to also include some strategy for local networks to be more effective in their meetings and efforts.


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