I’m Glad You Came

Many years ago I began to realize that God would sometimes speak to my heart through music. Much to the chagrin of my hyper conservative youth leaders, sometimes this music would even be “secular.” (gasp!) Obviously I’m taking the songs out of context as they were not originally penned with theologically affirming messages from Jesus in mind. But that doesn’t really matter.
This morning I had another one of those messages. It was simple, but profound. I almost missed it. In the noise that has been my family’s life lately, its been a little hard to listen, read, and hear. Even the one dedicated reader of my blog would say I have been a bit silent lately in writing anything but lament.
As I arrived at my destination the morning, a song came on the radio in perfect timing to the final approach up the long driveway, ending just as I was about to turn off the car. “I’m Glad You Came” by The Wanted. Without any plan of trying to live my life to a soundtrack today, I realized that God was speaking to me personally.
This occurrence happened to me only 15 minutes ago. I now am sitting in solitude in a prayer cottage nestled in among the trees in the Boston mountains of Northwest Arkansas. My goals today are pretty simple: Rest, Read, and Write. If that doesn’t sound profound, then your perspective of my life is underdeveloped. Suffice it to say, God has been sustaining me through some stormy times lately, and still is.
God has something for me today. I know it. In fact, this may be all of it (which would already be great in an of itself!), or there may be more encouragements or simple revelations. Regardless of what may or may not happen throughout the rest of the day, I’m glad to know that He is glad I’m here. I took time out from the difficulties life keeps throwing at me, and stayed true to keep this inconvenient appointment for solitude with Him. He’s glad I came! I’m glad I came.


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