Misery in Bunches

Our week as a family seems to be reading like a psalm of lament.  If I were more poetic, I may try to think of a rhyming way to say that I had to apologize to my son for aggressively disciplining him (he accepted), my wife is experiencing a new type of onset physical problems (numbness in the right side of her body, temporary blindness), and our transportation issues need some sort of miracle (we don’t have a dependable family car).

This is a hard time.  I enjoy waiting on the Lord. I like when he comes through and meets our needs in unexpected ways.  But this is a tough row to to hoe right now.  That is an agricultural way of saying, “this sucks.”  My wife’s 40th birthday is tomorrow.  I’ve been excited about that up until now.  It seems like such a lousy time to have a significant milestone, that I find myself wishing we can delay her birthday for brighter days.  She was post-0p bed ridden last year on her birthday, so she doesn’t even remember her 39th birthday.

Lord, you know and see all.  Please use me to give my family hope and encouragement today.  Please give me hope today too.  Please give me wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of how we should be living and celebrating you and Marque in this very difficult time.




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