Big Oops

While sparing the details of the how and what, I made a mistake in aggressively disciplining my son last night. Despite the clear need to react quickly to his wrong actions, I wrongly became very harsh and made a bad situation worse. I feel horrible.

Though I’ve apologized to him and all parties who witnessed the scene, I don’t feel any better. Obviously I know that the goal of being sorry needs to be much deeper than feeling better, yet I still ache. I want a great relationship with my son, and this was backwards step. Ugh.

I ask myself why. Why was I the opposite of Prov 14:29 which says, “Whoever is slow to anger has great understanding, but he who has a hasty temper exalts folly.” ? I’m left feeling very foolish. Instead at being horrified at his personal actions, my son was likely more distracted at his Dad acting foolish. That hurts to type.

The summary is that we were both quite wrong, and I’ve blown up a teachable moment. I’ve sought forgiveness. But I was not very parental when I needed to be. Im praying a lot today, and am very aware at how much more sanctification & grace I still need in my life. I also need wisdom on how to love my son better when he acts inappropriately.

Tough day.


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