A marriage redeemed

I was honored today to have a friend ask me if I would be willing to baptize him and his wife. Following that they want to renew their marriage vows after 16 years of a very tumultuous marriage.
One of the joys and challenges of being a pastor is you often don’t realize how much you are truly affecting peoples lives towards the kingdom of God. Over a year ago my friend and his wife were at the edge of desperation and probable divorce. Both were dealing with the carnage of very poor life choices, as well as addictions that were destroying their relationship and their marriage. They were even having discussions regarding who was going to keep which kid, and where they were going to live.
Yet an amazing thing happened on the way to what almost became divorce court. Both he and she decided that they were going to seek God and then truly start seeking each other as well. The transformation has been amazing. Both are attending church again, as well as they wisely sought additional personal & marital counseling for godly wisdom.
I have to admit something though. I did not have much hope for them. The reality is in most situations that look like this, it’s going to end and it’s going to end ugly. I’m sad to say that I thought my friend was going to be divorced and have to fight his wife for his kids due to her life spinning out-of-control.
What a great testament to the graciousness and goodness of a God who chooses to offer us eternal redemption as well. I am so excited that this couple is planning to publicly renew their vows and be baptized together. PRAISE GOD!!!


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