Game Day

There is something wonderful and delightful about my 7 year old awaiting his next sports game. His anticipation usually starts days before, when he announces how many more times he has to wake up & go to school before his next game.
He walks around in a state of readiness and joy, whether it’s basketball season or baseball season. Frequently he will request to wear his game jersey around as early as the night before, including to wear to bed!
I actually really admire this in him. He’s free to want on & wait for something in a state of readiness. 2 Peter 3 and several other passages talk of waiting on the Lord and his return.
What’s keeping me from waiting in my heart and spirit more? Why couldn’t I be more anticipatory of what will be something far more amazing than I can imagine?
I’m going to be praying for God to guide me on this. Its bit something trite, and it’s going to happen. It’s alright for me to be like my son waiting for game day, but on a far more important level of waiting on Gods further revealing of himself. That will be truly amazing, and I need to be ready for it!


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