Over Shooting Your Star = Losing

As I write this, I am sitting at a girls basketball game at a local middle school. Unfortunately the “home” team is getting pounded, but I admire one player in particular. I will call her E. We know E’s family just a bit. E is a neighbor of ours so I’ve seen her outside practicing a lot, and she can really ball!
Though E is a sprite little thing, she is fast, a good shooter, and most importantly she works hard. She is easily hustling more than any other player on the floor. Yet her team is losing by 23 points. E has to do it all, but she can’t do it for everyone else too. It’s not possible to play what amounts to near 1 vs. 5. Plus the 5 on the other team are all taller and stronger. It’s legal, but it’s not fair!

Unfortunately the coach has gone with a style of play that is similar to how I see many Senior pastors lead their youth pastors. Find some talent. Tap into it. Bleed it dry. In E’s case this isn’t too far from the truth. She gets so banged up being a 1 man team, that her Dad asked me if I knew where to find her some pads for under her uniform.

Too often our Senior Pastors will put trust in the youth pastor (good), but then not help them build up or lead a team to do the ministry alongside them (bad). There is no one to share the load. And then they get tired.

Just now E missed a wide open lay up after making a great steal. Her legs are gone. She doesn’t get the benefit of having anyone sub for her. That’s too bad, but that’s what happens to 1-man teams.




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