New Years Resolutions?

These are the things that I think would make me a better follower of Christ, Husband, Dad and Minister.  It’s not rocket science, but it is a handful of proven methods that when executed properly, tend to allow me to be “at my best.”

1. Pray and read my Bible more frequently.  I’ve already broken some personal records in my life with the Bible reading portion of this discipline.  I get a lot out of my Bible app because it has a little calendar and reminder.  I want to keep after this, but also need the prayer side.  I can be a “Go, Ready, Set!” type of doer, and that is counter to someone who is walking in the power and leading of the Holy Spirit.  More frequently I need to ask God what he would have me do and then listen, rather than solving the problem and then hoping that was what God wanted.  This is hard for me.

2. Exercise. Who doesn’t need this?  But it my case, I’m writing this as a 39 year old man who can still barely dunk a basketball on a regulation goal.  It has long been my mantra that I will dunk on my 40th birthday.  Can I do it?  I think so, but it is going to take some serious work.  Currently it is unlikely unless I’m feeling really good, traveling, warmed up but not yet tired.  That is a very small window of time, so it almost never happens.  If I’m going to accomplish this, I’m going to need to take some serious training steps between now and November 9, 2012.  Jump shoes? Lunges? Squats? Jump rope?  I really don’t have a plan, but am thinking about developing one.

3. Write regularly!  The great news is that I have already accomplished this goal for today. The bad news is that they are over 360 more days to go. Im going to try and start doing this much more regularly also.  When I had a goal of getting published a few months back, that really helped to light my fire.  But writing for writing’s sake can be less of a carrot on a stick for me.  So why do it?  Mainly because I believe that God has given me perspectives on ministry that are somewhat unique, and they would benefit others if I were to start getting them out there.  Lars Rood is a guy that I’ve only met once, but I like his style as someone I’d like to be similar too.  I don’t want or need to be him exactly, but I identify with some of his stuff.  


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