10.0 MINISTRY IS LIKE Mountain Biking – Series and Plan

Series Plan and Explanation

Did you ever stop and think about how mountain biking is very similar to leading a ministry?  Me either.  Until recently. It surprised me to realize how much they have in common, and it’s caused me to reconsider how many of us Christian ministry leaders are thinking about our leadership needs.
The “Ministry is Like Mountain Biking” series is a 10 part explanation of things I’ve learned, as well as what I am learning.  Riding a bike and going mountain biking are two things that sound similar until you experience them. I’ve been able to ride a bike for around 35 years, but recently I went mountain biking for the first time on dedicated trails in the Ozarks of Northwest Arkansas.
There is a huge, gigantic, unexpectedly difficult difference between pleasure cruising on smoothly paved walking trails, and actual mountain biking. I’ve found that I’m a novice at mountain biking, thoughI’ve been learning a lot. Sometimes the hard way. Along the way, I’ve noticed many similarities to leadership in ministry. I’ve been in some sort of vocational leadership within Christian ministry since 1990, and I’m finding that learning mountain biking has some interesting parallels to my biggest passion in disciple making: Leading leaders.  With anticipation of continuing to learn more mountain biking, I’m introducing this series for others who are also wanting to grow in their ability to lead well, or mountain bike well, or both!

10. 0 –  The Introduction and Series Plan

10. 1 – Trust your driving not your breaks – Avoiding Obstacles

10.2 – Don’t lock your elbows – Change

10.3 – Vison is Everything

10. 4 – Climbing hills – shift gears, prepare, measurable goals

10.5  Safety equipment -boundaries

10.6 Onboard Gear – Air pump, Water  (Drink as you go. Things deflate you. Know what you need for a short term encouragement kick now and then. If it doesn’t work, you probably have a bigger problem. For me, it used to be xbox360.)

10.7 Sabbath

 10.8   Press On – you can probably go farther then you thought if you don’t give up

10.9  Learn from a Veteran Follow Someone the first time down a trail – where do they go, or not, and why?

10.10 Sabbatical   – Change Your Tires when you notice Wear



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