10 series

Use all the words in each set to write mini stories in 300 words or less:
SET 1: paper clips, principal, lunchbox, swing, girl with a pink ribbon
SET 2: biology, class card, foreign student, leaf, blood sample
SET 3: typewriter, filing cabinet, puncher, clerk, carbon paper, janitor

Mini-Story 1 – 9/23/11
The girl with the pink ribbon walked slowly into the the principal’s office. She knew why she was there. Her brown hair subtlety fell in front of her eyes, and she purposely didn’t brush it back. She kept hoping that maybe, just maybe, there had been some mistake. Perhaps they were just calling her in as a witness to see if she had noticed someone else preparing the paperclip ladder that rose to the top of swing. Perhaps the lunch box that had been rigged as a booby-trap to fall on that mean and stupid Peter’s head didn’t have her name written inside it’s afterall. But she knew that wasn’t true. She didn’t remember that horrible fact until after it fell open following the 4 inch gash needing stitches. She was in trouble. And she knew it. But she was glad he got hurt. Meany. Stupid. Peter.

Mini-story 2- 9/26/11
The foreign student became very suspicious when sitting down to the lab table in biology class. There were beakers and other types of measuring instruments throughout the college class room. But it appeared to be more of a chemistry lab then a place where someone might perform an autopsy on a lab rat or do anything else that involved cutting or hemoglobin. Yet the student noticed that a leaf had just blown into the window and stuck to the floor when it landed in a small pool of blood. Someone had been bleeding or taking a blood sample and spilled without fully cleaning it up. Or at least he thought.
Suddenly the class card starting laughing and yelling about something. Not being fluent in his language, it took her a couple moments to realize that this was not evidence of a crime scene. The stuff she thought was blood, was actually just spilled cranberry juice. Clearly, he needed to pay attention in this class and learn everything possible, if he had any hopes of realizing his dream to become a New York CSI that could easily spot what is, or isn’t blood more easily.


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