Describe what I feel right now using my sense of smell

This is a bit difficult to explain, because my sense of smell may be a feeling, but by no means is it tied to my emotional “feelings.”  I grew up in Iowa.  People who haven’t lived around agriculture don’t realize that at a very early age, you learn to ignore and barely reference pungent smells.  By no means do you allow that smell to allow you to become emotional.

By way of example, my beautiful wife grew up in the city.  The first time she visited me in Iowa she became repulsed at some of the smells of the (un)sweet country air when we took a drive over the rolling hills.  “This smell of cow manure is horrible,” she declared.  “No, that’s not cow poop.  That’s hog,” I replied.  “But I see cows over there,” she answered.”  “Yes, but they are too far away,and the smell is wrong.  What you are smelling is more sickly sweet.  That is pig poop,” I explained.  She was thoroughly disgusted, not only at the smell, but at the fact that I could really tell the difference between the different poops and their specific odors.

As I sit at my dining room table I smell nothing out of the ordinary.  I’m drinking a protein shake because I’m going to head to the gym in a bit, and it’s a breakfast substitute.  The chalky but chocolately taste in my mouth is quite nearly the only thing I can smell.  If there was a feeling that was assocaiated with the smell, it would be one of ambition.  A desire to get on with getting busy with my day, and accomplishing the various tasks on my to-do list.  So far so good as I have successfully:

  • Got out of bed and got my kids out of bed too
  • Dispensed breakfast
  • Got 3 of the 4 kids off to school
  • Finishing my writing prompt
  • Gym bag packed and ready
  • About to go drop of child #4 and continue on to the gym where I will…
  • Spin, read my bible, and read while working out

To be honest I’ve only been writing about 10 minutes instead of 15, but I need to move on.  I smell accomplishment around the bend.  I can almost feel it.


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