Fast, furious, and repeatedly, the teenage boy’s comment thread filled with comments to his status update that he had placed on his social networking site.  Some were funny, some were gross, some were flat out fighting words that would probably get you punched if you were to say them to someones face.  His crime?  Publicly using his Facebook status to rehash a situation that had occurred in the lunch room earlier that day, which he found humorous.  It wasn’t obviously humorous to me.

But to an 8th grade boy who was friends with and had known the girl in question since elementary school, it was pure comedy.  His status basically said, “A 7th grader thought that “Sarah” was a boy today, and it was hilarious!”  The problem though, was that though many probably laughed at the moment, it isn’t hilarious.


God loves this girl regardless of her gender.  She is a fellow human being and teenager that needs love and acceptance just as much as the rest of us.  However, to be fair, I’ve seen this girl before.  She shows no obvious markers as to her gender. Like the rest of us, she did not choose her body type.  Yet her fashion choices do nothing to dispel any notion that she isn’t male.  Obviously there are no rules that she has to wear her hair in a certain way, wear make-up, or do anything else typically considered feminine to be loved by God or by the rest of us.  Yet the fact is that she was dresses in a manner very similar if not exactly the same as many boys in the school.  It’s not surprising that someone was confused as to her gender.


At this point there are at least 3 intertwined yet separate issues blowing in the wind: (1) The gender issue as to what should/shouldn’t be up for debate (2)  Social Networking and young teenagers (3) How followers of Christ woulda/coulda/shoulda responded in this storm of facts, emotions, and actions that occurred.


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