Make a list of 40 things that happened in the las month, and then pick 1 to write about.

I already know the one I want to write about, as it was tough and fresh in my mind. A week ago today my son had a terrible bike wreck. I did not witness it, but I was on scene soon after it occurred. From talking with him I pieced together that the wreck occurred in this way:
12 year old Reagan approached the dirt bike track with plenty of ambition but little safety on his mind. Fortunately he had a helmet on, but caution was not his biggest concern. As he took off down the track, he though he could quickly navigate the steeped embankment and turn that was in front of him. He pedaled hard, and found himself going up and over the turn. Unfortunately, he was supposed to go through and around the turn.
Disoriented, Reagan continued to the next nearby place where the track curved back nearby to his newfound location off of the track. However he didn’t slow to down and perceive the track’s condition in the area he was veering towards. Without warning he found himself dropping into (rather than driving onto) the dirt track once again. This is a big problem for several reasons:
1. It was an 8 foot drop onto the track.
2. He did not pull his wheel up in such a way as to give him an opportunity to land on his tires
3. His trajectory had him landing on an inclined surface
The first two things to hit the track were his helmeted head and his collar bone. Both broke instantly.
By the time I got to Reagan he had been crying for a few minutes and there was a crowd of concerned people around him. He had not stood up, and was not interested in moving an inch. I called 911. Less than 10 minutes later a special SUV type ambulance came through the trees and they put Reagan on body board after brace his head/neck and moving him carefully. He screamed in agony, and we took a ride to the normal ambulance on a nearby road. To make matters worse, Reagan has small veins and they were unable to get a line started to give him pain killer for the bumpy ride and the following the 15 minute hospital ride. The kid suffered, and all I could do was love on and pray for him.
A few hours later we checked out of the ER with Reagan in a brace/sling. Our Labor Day dinner was cancelled. But we were very happy to have our boy alert and to not have worse problems than a broken bone in his shoulder.


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