12 Things to do when there is no electricity/power.

The most important thing to do when you don’t have power, is to figure out what is most urgent and important. Assuming Armaggeddon hasn’t hit, and your loss of electricity is likely temporary, here are 12 things to keep in mind.

1. Warmth/Cool. Keep your eye on weather conditions and anticipate how they might be changing over the next 24 hours. Is it cold outside? Find blankets. Is it hot outside? Find shade. Plan for keeping your loved ones and those around you from experiencing sickness from overheating or freezing.
2. Hydration. Usually clean water is not an issue with loss of power, but not always. Be certain you have several gallons of clean water that can be consumed.
3. Food. If you have food in your refrigerator, eat it first. The dry stuff can make it for days or weeks, but that last night’s Tuna Casserole is on the fast track to spoiling. Conserve your larger food supply by first eating the things that will become unedible soon.
4. Nieghbors. Your basic necessities are taken care of, but what about people in your neighborhood or community? Is there a widow or elderly person that lives nearby who might not be processing the situation like you. Check on them. Help them take care of the 1,2,3 from above also.
5. Limit cell phone usage. If there is an emergency at some point, you will need to be able to call 911. Or you may need it’s screen as a flashlight. This is a bad time to play angry birds.
6. Find flashlights and extra batteries. Keep them together. And again, use them sparingly. You don’t need to read by flashlight.
7. Read! Gather the books or magazines you have been meaning to consume, and get busy!
8. Write! Got the next great american novel locked up in your head? This is a great time to start it.
9. Pray! God is always listening, but are you listening to him? This might be a time he is speaking to you.


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