I don’t think I’m aware of the many cliches that exist. The assignment was to list all I could and then pick one I’m most familiar with. I can only think of one cliche, which is someway has been a racist stereotype: White Men Can’t Jump

I remember first hearing this cliche when I was in early Junior High. Growing up in the middle of Iowa, nearly everyone I knew was caucasian in my little suburb of Des Moines. This wasn’t because of much over racism, so much as most of the region was made up of people who’s relatives had immigrated to the area from northern Europe. In fact, it was rare to have a hispanic or african-american classmate.

Part of this social circumstance led to the cliched belief that somehow african-americans were naturally good at basketball. Though this is not necessarily true, it was widely accepted as gospel even our small town. And along with that, was the notion that white kids were bad at dancing or jumping.

But I had a problem with this for several reasons. One being quite obvious: I could flat out fly. Even though I never fully reached 6 foot tall, I could dunk the basketball on a regulation goal by the time I was 16 years old. And I wanted to prove it every chance I got. The weird thing was that no one ever believed I could do it, until they personally saw it in action. Due to a series of car accidents, I wasn’t even not he basketball team, so I rarely had the chance to prove it either.

By the time I graduated from high school though, I could not only dunk, I could dunk in traffic over much taller people. My favorite dunk ever was over a 6’7 bean pole of a kid who gave me too much room in the lane. I crossed him over and suddenly jumped over and then down on top of him. It was a prideful moment, but I relished it. I still laugh at it.

Time up.


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