4 (again)

Today’s writing prompt is to take liberty with the conclusion of Cinderella. Rather than the shoe fitting Cinderlla, it is supposed to fit one of her evil step sisters.

We join the story already in progress…

As the prince slipped the shoe onto the foot, he noticed an incredibly pungent smell. He was caught between throwing up, passing out, and nearly losing his balance at the same moment.

Simultaneously he realized two things to his complete horror. One, the smell was coming from the foot he was bent in front of. There is no royal response to being completely grossed out that doesn’t result in your subjects losing respect for the throne. Two, the slipper fit. Perfectly. And it was starting to be kicked around in delight as the hideous beast of woman wearing it was beginning to make hideous shrieking sound of joy.

Taken aback, Prince Charming began to force a smile upon his very frightened looking face. He tried looking away, but his eyes rested on a gorgeous maiden that looked even more shocked than him. She was truly a beauty that made his stomach do sumersaults when he had first walked in the door, despite the dirt on her face and the moth holes in her dress. His next realization was that he had not tried to put the slipper on her foot first because the large beast in front of him had pushed her way to the front of the line.

Suddenly the world spinned out of control. There were shouts of joy by an older lady who was presumably the mother of his new fiancé. But, they were not “proper” shouts. How odd it was to hear curse words interspersed with variations of phrases like, ” I #&$^%ing knew it! We are moving to the &*%^$# castle, and you &$(#^ village people can have my *&(*^^&& house. Kiss my royal a$$!”

Meanwhile the presumed sister and the gorgeous servant girl looked angry. Or was it hurt? Whatever it was, both of their mouths were hanging open in shock, and they were nodding their heads left and right in slow-motion. It was as if their body languages were screaming a long but silent, “Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!”

Time up.


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