My instruction is to write for 15 minutes on a prompt, and to NOT edit it.  The prompt states that I need to recall as much detail as I can about an object in the room, and I’m not looking at it.  I haven’t looked at it intentionally today either.


Behind me and on a side wall is a poster of Mike Ditka.  It’s there because I am sitting in my son’s room, and it happens to be heavily decorated in Chicago Bears colors, logos, and posters.  Mike Ditka was the head coach of what was probably the greatest football team of all-time, the 1985-1986 Chicago Bears. 


The poster is laminated because at one time it was mine.  If I remember correctly, it was on my wall in my bedroom about 25 years ago too. My wife laminated it to protect it.


The poster features the word DITKA in bolded letters that are orange around the edges, but white in the middle.  It also has a photo of him holding up a fist in a menacing manner, with a snarky look on his mustached face. His hand has his Super Bowl ring on it too.  It was definitely a picture that was posed for, as there is some sort of grayish-blue backdrop behind him, like what one might see in a photography studio.


Ditka is wearing a blue sweater over a dress shirt with a dark tie.  The sweater is the color of the navy blue that is similar to what the actual Chicago Bears wear in their NFL games.  The sweater also has white block letters that say “BEARS,” and there is some orange trim that is the same color as what they have on their uniforms as well.


Mike Ditka is caucasian, has piercing blue eyes, and his hair is short brown but combed back in a very typical old school manner. He has a thick brown mustache, which was parodied as on a Saturday Night Live skit that featured the actors all wearing similar mustaches while they imbibed and talked at length about “Da Bears.” 


As I think deeper about the color scheme of the poster, I recall that I think his shirt may have had a slight pinstripe to it.  Also, the edges of the poster are framed in block white, which pulls in various elements of the whole.


If I were to describe the feeling the poster gave me as teenager, it was one of pride and arrogance that we Chicago fans (and our team) was the best in the world, and we knew it.  There is an air of, “anyone, any team, any time…we will own you.”  And to be honest, I still have that illogical sense of confidence about Chicago teams.  This poster, along with other ones that were on my wall (Jim McMahon, Walter Payton, William Perry, The Black and Blues Brothers) all contributed to this overreaching confidence in all things Chicago from an early age.  And now, it’s on my kids wall.  Interesting.


15 minutes up.


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