I dont’ have fifteen minutes to type away at the moment, but I want to get started. I’m glad that Patti and I finally have been able to connect despite the medical drama in our life. I’m looking forward to improving my writing abilities, because currently I feel inadequate.
Those feelings are largely based on a lack of passion for writing. It seems that usually when I write, it’s out of professional need. I would love if writing was a more natural flow and something I enjoyed doing at rate greater than 140 characters…but it isn’t. Me theory behind this is speed. My brain works much quicker than my fingers, and I’m impatient to get it out when I have something to say. Which is normal. But I need to learn to tricks to finding a good rhythm to writing that can allow for me to use the medium for professional if not personal communication and development.
We will see how it all works out, but I’m glad to get started.


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